We are your HARDWARE ONE STOP BUYING  solution

  • Post Supports.
  • Pergola Fittings.
  • Roof Tie Down Straps. (meeting all needed building codes)
  • Hoop Iron Rolls Punched and Un Punched plus strips.
  • Builders Hardware - Galvanised Rod, Train Track Reinforcing mesh.
  • Handyman Steel and Aluminium.
  • Pressings & Flashings.
  • Down Pipe Pops and Clips.
  • Patio Tube Clips and brackets.
  • Sleeper Support Brackets.
  • Fence Posts.

We offer CHARGE BACK  through all major Warehouses.

Our team can offer you TECHNICAL ADVICE  for the use of all products.

We offer COMPETITIVE RATES.  Enquire for bulk rates on all our products.

OUR DELIVERIES ARE PROMPT AND ON TIME.  We maintain high stock levels making sure products are delivered quickly and on your shelf ready to maximise your stores profits.

We have friendly and EXPERIENCED STAFF  ready to meet your stores needs.

Ask for a company representative to call on you today.